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Industry and Economy

CYSF advocates both ecological and economically sustainable development [ESD] in Cape York Peninsula. The Association works closely and actively with Government agencies, joint partners and local businesses and representative groups on behalf of all residents of the peninsula to achieve a wide but targeted range of economic aspirations.


Cape York communites are scattered along the Peninsula’s coastline and the main access route, the Peninsula Development Road which has numerous roadhouses that provide access to fuel and consumables and are a welcome stopping point for locals and visitors.

Prior to European settlement, Aboriginal communities were divided into two main groups on the west coast and east coast of the cape and this remains relatively the same today with the addition of two larger settlements Weipa, a modern mining town, on the west coast and Cooktown on the east coast at the base of the Cape.

The communiites of Aurukun and Mapoon are within easy access of Weipa, while Wujal Wujal, Hope Vale, Lakeland, Laura and Coen can be accessed from Cooktown.

The Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) is located on the tip of the Cape York Peninsula, approximately 950 km by road north of Cairns and 25 km south east from Thursday Island. The NPA comprises three Aboriginal communities, Injinoo, Umagico and New Mapoon and two Torres Strait Islander communities, Bamaga and Seisia within a 20 km radius of each other.