CYSF Capability

CYSF Capability Statement

CYSF adopts a participatory planning and ground up community ownership approach to all of our activities. CYSF personnel and associated consultants have a high level of expertise and knowledge across a wide range of areas.


CYSF provides advice on the tourism industry and business environment of Cape York and potential business opportunities in the Cape.

  • CYSF is the Local Tourism Organisation for Cape York (Tourism Cape York)
  • 26 years’ experience in development of the industry for the region
  • Business experience and acumen on the TCY Board
  • In depth knowledge of Cape York environment, destinations and attractions


CYSF is the accredited Business Enterprise Centre for Cape York.

  • Services of a business advisor and mentor are available for small business
  • Assistance with grants applications
  • Advice of government assistance


CYSF liaises with indigenous business support services and acts as a conduit to indigenous small business and provides advice and support for community based businesses. CYSF can deliver governance training to groups throughout Cape York Peninsula.


CYSF has a high level of expertise in best practice land management and property plan development, fire management and GIS mapping.

  • Agribusiness proposals
  • Biodiversity
  • Land management and fire management advice
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Diversification of use


CYSF has 26 years in delivery of economic and community development

  • Community facilitation – participatory planning and ground up community ownership approach
  • CYSF can call on a number of professional consultants in this field
  • Regular forums and meetings, newsletter, web site and up to date knowledge of Cape York economic environment


CYSF has detailed knowledge of the investment potential in Cape York and infrastructure needed to support economic development. The Investment Prospectus available on website


In 2011, CYSF developed a brochure in our push to get a sealed road on the agenda for Cape York.


The day to day operations of the CYSF are supervised by a Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, a number of Project Coordinators are employed to manage the various State and Australian government programs; whilst a Business Manager is responsible for administrative support.  Our finances are checked on a monthly basis by our accountant – GKS Chartered Accountants.

To ensure the the CYSF management operate in the best interests of its members and the communities it represents, an up-to-date Strategic Plan focuses on the organisation’s priorities and maintains its principle mission and objectives. To achieve its strategic goals the CYSF has entered into a number of projects


The Cape York Infrastructure Development Project

The CYSF continues to promote the development of important infrastructure in Cape York Peninsula. It recognises the upgrade to full bitumen standard of the Peninsula Development Road as the single most important infrastructure project for the region. The CYSF continuously raises the need, in every possible forum, for improved infrastructure for Cape York Peninsula including power, roads and communication. There is unanimous acceptance that regional development cannot occur without the necessary infrastructure being in place.

A Sealed Road For Our Region

CYSF devotes considerable time and resources making representations to state and federal governments on behalf of Cape York Peninsula residents and businesses to positively influence the provision of services and infrastructure for the region. A brochure was developed in 2011 by CYSF in order to promote this initiative.

A CYSF key objective for Cape York Peninsula is the construction of an all-weather, sealed Peninsula Development Road (PDR) which at that stage can be renamed the “Cape York Highway” to provide Peninsula residents with a level of transportation and access that will facilitate development and growth, both community and personal. Studies undertaken under the auspices of CYSF in the past few years have highlighted the crucial role road access must play in enhancing the livelihoods and wellbeing of the communities.

What CYSF is asking for is the sealing of the PDR from Laura to Weipa by 2020. A staged approach to construction could be considered that will create local employment during construction and afterwards for maintenance.

Cape York has significant national interest – mineral resources, quarantine buffers, pristine environment, indigenous culture and sustainable development opportunities. Mining is the main economic driver in Cape York, involving companies such as Rio Tinto, Cape Alumina, Mitsubishi Corporation and Aus Pac Coal, just to name a few.

The cost of a bitumen road to Weipa is estimated at $750M, ($93M per annum commitment until complete) and there are many benefits for the community. These include:

  • Providing all weather access
  • Enabling a vibrant and diverse economy
  • Creating local employment
  • Promoting a healthy environment
  • Major flow-on benefits that will help close the gap
  • Improved quality of life for all Cape York residents

The sealing of the PDR would also stimulate tourism visitation to Cairns and the Atherton Tableland (as transport and processing hubs). Since the sealing of the Mulligan Highway, Cooktown and Lakeland has witnessed substantial growth in its visitation figures and economic development activity

The Cape York Tourism Strategy

Cape York Peninsula is a peopled wilderness offering a diversity of culture, language, environment and lifestyles that make it a truly unique place to visit.

The Cape holds international significance for its conservation and tourism values being biologically the richest and least disturbed of the few large sparsely peopled areas left on the Australian continent. It therefore provides both an important insight into the evolutionary history of Australia and is nationally a key area for wilderness, heath land, rainforest, riparian and wetland conservation.

CYSF supports the development of an action plan for tourism in Cape York Peninsula and is working with regional and state tourism bodies to ensure that visitors to Cape York Peninsula are well-informed about the range of services and attractions on offer.

Special Interest Groups

The Association aims to support other economic development organisations (EDO’s) or groups in attaining their goals within Cape York Peninsula. CYSF officers have provided support in the formation and operation of other groups including the Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peninsula Cattleman’s Association and the Indigenous Tourism Network Bamanga Wawu-Wi Ghurrbi. Past undertakings have included facilitating the establishment of the Cape York Peninsula Live Export Group and assisting it through its incorporation process, coordinating the feasibility study for a meat processing facility in Weipa and a vehicle wash bay facility to prevent the spread of weeds from southern Australia.